Are There 7 Lakhs COVID 19 Affected People in Kolkata?

India COVID-19 Updates Live
India COVID-19 Updates Live

New Delhi: The Indian Council of Medical Research as known as ICMR has supposed to be there are almost 7 lakhs people in Kolkakata are affected by Corona Virus, West Bengal affted in Covid 19. Recently in a report by ICMR on 28th June 2020 has described this matter. However, it’s aspected by the specialist not confirmed yet.

Recently in a test report of 396 people in Kolkata, there are alsomt 85 people are found Corona positive.
The total population in Kolkata is about 29 lakhs, so ICMR thinks that there are might be 7 lakhs people are affected by Covid 19.

ICMR also found in the reports of tested people that the antibody IGG is becomes getting active. SO it may be a good news that COVID 19 will automatically be protected by the human’s immunity system which is already presented in the body.

But the main fact is it’s the prediction become true then there will be a huge crowd of our nation will be under COVID. The main bad news is there are 80% of COVID 19 affected people has no symptoms in their body.

Currently, there are almost 17 thousand + COVID patients in West Bengal as of 29th June 2020, 9.00 AM (IST) and 10 COVID Patient has died in the last 24 hours.

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