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‘Give Job’, ‘National Unemployment Day’ Celebrated on the PM Modi’s Birthday

Anti-governance netizens called for National Unemployment Day.

PM Modi National Unemployment Day

New Delhi: PM Modi Birthday Latest News and Updates: Opponents targeted Narendra Modi on his 70th birthday. Also trending on Twitter is #NationalUnemploymentDay. Rahul Gandhi tied his tune. The tweet of the former president of Congress gives self-esteem to the earning youth. How long will the government refrain from giving them self-respect?

A recent report claimed that unemployment in India has reached a 45-year high. Corona has hit the country’s economy even harder. The country’s financial activities have come to a standstill due to a long lockdown. Many companies have been forced to lay off workers. In the April-June quarter, GDP contracted by 23.9 percent. Narendra Modi came to power with the promise of a better day. But in a recessionary situation across the country, the economy is booming. Anti-government netizens called for the celebration of National Unemployment Day on Narendra Modi’s birthday. Trending started on Twitter from that morning. One tweet after another.

Congress has targeted Narendra Modi as a tool for employment. Participating in a newspaper, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Massive unemployment has forced the youth to call today #NationalUnemploymentDay. Employment is dignity. For how long will the Govt deny it?

Many netizens have also tweeted various satirical pictures. It also has oblique comments. Someone wrote that the Prime Minister promised 20 million jobs every year. But 12 crore people are unemployed today. Happy birthday to the mocker of someone, the father of national unemployment.


Incidentally, according to the Center for Monitoring India Economy, unemployment in urban areas is now 8.32 percent. According to the Mint, rural unemployment rose to 7.75 percent in August. It was 7.6 in July.

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