Guardians Are in Comfort After Supreme Court Decision on School Fees Case

The Supreme Court did not stay the High Court's decision on the fee.

School Girls

New Delhi: As a result of the Supreme Court’s statement on school fees, private schools went a little backfoot. And the High Court’s position was further strengthened when the Supreme Court did not heed the question raised by the school authorities about the jurisdiction of the High Court in this case.

19 schools in the state have filed cases in the Supreme Court. They argued that the way the High Court had promised to reduce fees by 20 per cent was not possible for them. Not only that, the schools were told that the High Court had no power to issue any directive to reduce school fees.

The Supreme Court, however, dismissed both the objections of the school authorities. However, the apex court said that the committee set up by the High Court to provide some more benefits to the economically weaker parents in addition to the 20 per cent exemption was not being formed at present.

Prior to that, however, there has been considerable debate between the plaintiff and the defendant. The question was raised as to whether it was reasonable to charge a transport fee or other establishment cost where the school was not opened. In response, the school argued that their costs of running the school during the lockdown had increased significantly. It is impossible to reduce the fee to meet that cost.
However, the matter has not been fully settled. The next hearing will be. However, the day was not fixed. Incidentally, Kapil Sibal has questioned on behalf of the school authorities.

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