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PM Modi Announced National Education Policy will be Launched Across the Country by 2022

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New Delhi: National Education Policy or NEP 2020 Latest Updates:A new education policy will sow the seeds of a new era. It will show a new direction to 21st century India.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi questioned the Centre’s proposed new education policy. On this day Modi joined NEP 2020, School Education Conclave. There, the Prime Minister expressed her views on the new central education policy.

PM Modi said, “Marksheets can never be a complete assessment of a student’s education. Marksheets have become a burden on education. In the new national education policy, marksheets have changed the entire education system and emphasized on universal education.” Not just learning from being locked in the classroom. He called for spreading education outside the classroom walls. The Prime Minister spoke not only about biblical knowledge but also about the practical application of education. Modi said in the new education policy, every child should be educated in his mother tongue till class five.

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Incidentally, the West Bengal government has strongly opposed the new education policy. In a meeting with the President and the Prime Minister, Education Minister Perth Chatterjee made it clear that the new central education policy will not be introduced in the state right now. The state will take a slow-moving policy in this regard. The next decision will be subject to further discussion. However, Modi made it clear that the new education policy will be introduced in all parts of the country by 2022. And everyone must work together for the successful implementation of this new education policy.

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