“Movie Mafia…..” Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut Got Viral on Social Media

Kangana Ranaut
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Kangana Ranaut Latest News Updates: Sometimes the drug ring is associated with Bollywood, sometimes the cannon against the Mumbai police, and this time the cannon is fired against a part of B Town by commenting on ‘movie mafia’. Kangana Ranaut started firing on Maharashtra, Mumbai Police, and BMC by tweeting one after another on Monday. This time, Bollywood ‘Queen’ flashed again by commenting on ‘Movie Mafia’.

She tweeted, “Movie Mafia today you might break my face n my house using your powerful friends, it will give you momentary happiness but if you are clever you will know my end is my beginning, you will end me here I will rise somewhere else … trust me it will hurt you even more” with a smile emoji.

On Monday, Kangana claimed that several BMC workers broke into her Mumbai office and started vandalizing it. Kangana even shared videos of BMC officials. Which started a lot of noise. The Himachal Pradesh government then deployed Y + category security at Kangana’s Manali home on Monday night. A special team of CRPAP was deployed in front of the actress’s house. Kangana, her sister Rangoli Chandel and the actress’s PA were also tested before reaching Mumbai. Kangana Ranaut will receive the report by Tuesday afternoon. The actress will arrive in Mumbai on Wednesday.

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