3 Arrested in Connection with a Misdemeanor Attack on Suresh Raina Aunty’s House in Pathankot

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Suresh Raina Latest News and Updates: Suresh Raina, a reliable all-rounder of Chennai Super Kings, returned to the country due to family reasons even after flying to Amirshahi to play in the IPL. It is learned that the former Indian cricketer has returned to the country due to a vicious attack on his family. An adventurous mischief attack took place at Rainer PC’s house in Thrial village of Pathankot. Although Raina’s PC survived, the miscreants killed Pisemshai and a brother.

Police started investigation into the incident. The bereaved Raina tagged the Punjab Chief Minister and the police on social media and demanded justice for the culprits. The Punjab police sat motionless. Police have finally arrested three people in connection with the attack on Raina’s family in Pathankot.


The three are being arrested and interrogated. According to police sources, the police are searching for 11 more members of the group. According to police sources, all the three have been arrested from a slum near Pathankot railway station on charges of murder, attempted murder and robbery. A speedy chargesheet will be framed against the accused and submitted to the court. Earlier, they had committed major crimes in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, police said.

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