China is Not Obeying the LAC, but If It Passes, the Consequences will be Bad, Rajnath Singh to China

Regarding the change in China's policy, Rajnath said the two countries were in agreement from 1990 to 2003. But now Chin doesn't want to accept that anymore

Rajnath Singh
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New Delhi: India-China Clash Latest news and Updates: The Sino-Indian border issue has not been resolved yet. China does not mean current borders or LAC. So their aggression is repeatedly causing unrest in the Line of Actual Control. But when it comes to breaking the status quo, the results will not be good. In the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh gave a clear warning to China about the Ladakh tensions.

Rajnath Singh said the Line of Actual Control was drawn on the basis of historical evidence through bilateral agreements. But Chin refused to accept it. China has already occupied an area of ​​36,000 square kilometers in Ladakh. In addition, Pakistan illegally ceded 5,160 sq km of Indian territory to China under the 1963 Sino-Pakistani agreement. India believes in peace, in solving problems through dialogue. But if the current Line of Control is crossed, the consequences will be bad. India will fight to defend its sovereignty.


Regarding the change in China’s policy, Rajnath said the two countries were in agreement from 1990 to 2003. But now Chin doesn’t want to accept that anymore. There have been problems with the border before. But this time the situation is completely different. Even then, India wants to resolve the issue through dialogue.

Rajnath also acknowledged that China had deployed troops along its territory along the Line of Control. According to central government sources, China is using optical fiber to expand Pyongyang’s southern communications system. Rajnath said China’s aggressive policy is against the two countries’ agreement on the border. Our army has also shown extreme restraint in the face of Chinese aggression. However, the army did not back down where it needed to show bravery. The Defense Minister also mentioned that 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in Galwan on June 15.

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