Indian Airline Appointed First Woman CEO Head Harpreet A De Singh – First CEO of Indian Airline

Harpreet A D Singh

New Delhi: Indian Airline News: The CEO of Indian Airline is a woman. This is the first time such an incident has taken place in the history of India. The central government has appointed Harpreet A D Singh as the CEO of Alliance Air, a regional subsidiary of Air India. Air India CMD Rajeev Bansal said in a statement.

It is learned that Harpreet received her flight certificate from Indira Gandhi State Flight Academy (IGRUA) in 1986. That same year, he was selected as an Air India pilot but could not join due to physical illness. Air India, however, appointed him as an air-safety officer. It is worth mentioning that he was later appointed Chief of Flight Safety. In this respect too, she deserves the credit of being the first woman in the country. So far, Harpreet has been the Executive Director of Air India. Now Captain Nivedita Vasin has been promoted to that post.

Harpreet is currently the head of the Indian Women Aviators Association. Air India has the highest number of female pilots among Indian airlines at 7 Indian airlines have seen the highest number of women applying for pile jobs in two phases First in the mid-80s and then in 2005 When the private companies start matching more and more fans Saudamini Deshmukh was the first woman commander of India The number of female pilots in the world is 2 to 3 percent The number of female pilots in India is 10 percent.

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