National Education Policy 2020; Here is What you Need to Know?

NEP 2020 National Education Policy
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New Delhi: National Education Policy 2020: The ruling government of India has changed India’s 34 years education system yesterday with the National Education Policy 2020.

Yesterday the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India has passed the new National Education Policy or NEP2020. Schools’ education structure, Teaching In Mother Tongue, Reduce of Board Exams Importance, No stream in Higher Education, and many more extraordinary changes have been made in this new National Education Policy by the Government of India.


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PM Narendra Modi has tweeted “Framing of NEP 2020 will be remembered as a shining example of participative governance. I thank all those who have worked hard in the formulation of the NEP 2020. May education brighten our nation and lead it to prosperity.

National Education Policy 2020; What Has Changed?

  1. Education in the mother tongue is mandatory till class 5th Standard
  2. Learning foreign languages at the secondary level
  3. Anyone can’t force a student to what he/she should do
  4. Primary Education is necessary for the children who are currently aged from 3 years to 6 years
  5. New exam Pattern is 5+3+3+4
  6. After all Secondary and Higher Secondary Board Exams will lose importance
  7. More focus on Practical Knowledge
  8. Skill development is now important in Education
  9. At result time the student himself/herself, classmates, and examiner(s) will evaluate the answer paper
  10. More importance on Artificial Intelligence(AI) based evaluation process
  11. More importance on skill development as already have said & Internships of work from 6th standard
  12. There will be no more of Master of Philosophy or M.Phil for Graduation
  13. Govt. will make New National Assessment Center named Parakh

Next Story, India’s New Education Policy; What Changes have been Made from 2020?

Additionally, the colleges will now get self-government permission. The permission will be granted by the performance basis by the college. The categories are A+, A, B, C. Additionally UGC, AICTE, and many other departments will be under one umbrella and will create a new commission named Law & Doctor.

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