PM Modi’s Independence Day Speech At Red Fort: Top 5 Quotes on 15th August 2020

This is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's second Independence Day Speech since he won a second term. And it's his 7th-time speech at Red Fort on the Independence Day occasion.

PM Narendra Modi
PM Modi at Red Fort Independence Day News | INDIALIVEDAILY.COM

New Delhi: The PMO of India Mr. Narendra Modi has unfolded the National Flag of India and delivered his great speech to the nation from the Red Fort on the morning of India’s 74th Independence Day on August 15, 2020, Saturday.

The social distancing & safety measures has also taken place at the celebrations are happening during the coronavirus pandemic. This is PM Modi’s second Independence Day Speech since he won a second term.


Here is his top 5 Quotes on today:

Today, we are breathing in a free India because of the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of our freedom fighters and today’s security forces, be it the Army, the police, or other security forces.

We are passing through strange times. Today, I don’t see children here at the Red Fort because of the coronavirus pandemic that we are facing. We need to take adequate precautions.

On behalf of the entire nation, I want to thank the efforts of all corona-warriors. All those healthcare workers, doctors and nurses, who have worked tirelessly to serve the nation amid the pandemic. Many have even lost their lives. The nation salutes them.

The day of freedom and independence is a day when we remember the sacrifice of all our freedom fighters. It is a day which brings joy and hope to us all.

As we celebrate the 74th Independence Day, we look forward to the important milestone ahead – our 75th year of Independence. And as we lead up to it, it brings new energy and determination to take the nation forward. When we reach that milestone, we shall celebrate in a grand manner.

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