Revealing the First Look of the Country’s First Rapid-Rail, Maximum Speed of 160 KM per Hour

Rapid Rail India

New Delhi: Rapid-Rail latest news and updates: The maximum speed can be 180 km per hour. Great for the looks, too. The first look of the country’s first rapid-rail has been released. The government had planned to introduce rapid-rail to improve communication between Delhi and neighboring states. Apart from that, Rapid-rail was mentioned as one of the best projects of the Prime Minister’s Make in India policy. The idea was to run the train with the idea of ​​making the adjoining states of Delhi world-class.

The train will be built at Bombardier’s Sabli plant. The train is modeled on the Lotus Temple in Delhi. Let’s see what is special about this train-

This train will be able to run at a maximum speed of 160 km per hour.

This train is light in weight due to its aerodynamic design made of stainless steel. The whole train will be air-conditioned.

Each room will have a total of six doors for entry and exit. The business class coach will have four doors.

Each train will have one business class coach.

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