Vikas Dubey, Shot Dead when Trying to Escape

Vikas Dubey, Shot Dead when Trying to Escape
Vikas Dubey, Shot Dead when Trying to Escape

Kanpur, UP: In a road crash on Friday morning, Gangster Vikas Dubey was killed while being transported from Madhya Pradesh to Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh — where he was arrested yesterday — say the police. Vikas Dubey grabbed a policeman’s gun and attempted to run but was trapped, police said, saying they ‘d been attempting to get him to surrender.

Just an hour away from Kanpur, the car in which Vikas Dubey was being taken — one of three in the police convoy — turned over on the rain-slicked highway and he was attempting to escape, police said. He was shot dead, as were two of his accomplices who had already attempted to run from prison according to police.

“The car overturned and policemen and the accused were injured. Then Vikas Dubey grabbed a gun from an injured policeman and ran. The police team caught up and surrounded him and tried to get him to surrender, but he refused and started firing. The police had to fire back in self-defence,” the Kanpur police officer said in a statement to NDTV.

“Vikas Dubey was injured and taken to hospital. He died during treatment,” said the statement. He had three injuries on his chest and one on his arm by bullets.

Dubey had more than 60 criminal cases against him in his 50s, including murder, abduction, and extortion.

Vikas Dubey ‘s spouse Richa Dubey was arrested Thursday evening by a Special Task Force (STF) team from her Krishna Nagar home.

Richa had just gone missing after the Kanpur assault.