Whole Country Standing by the Army, Should Get this Message from the Parliament, Pleaded the Prime Minister Modi

Diplomatic relations between the two countries have soured over China's aggressive stance on the Ladakh border over the past few months.

PM Narendra Modi
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New Delhi: India-China Clash Latest News and Updates: There were indications that the Indo-China conflict, including the recessionary economy and the Corona situation, could be heated in the coming days. Therefore, before the start of the session on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plea to the opposition, the whole country is on the side of the army at the moment, to get this message from the parliament in unison.

On the same day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the whole country is on the side of the army, which is fighting with courage and determination on the border to protect the motherland, the message should be conveyed from the parliament in unison. I believe that all members of parliament will agree on this.


It is to be noted that the aggressive attitude shown by China on the Ladakh border over the last few months has brought down the diplomatic relations between the two countries. China has continued its provocative activities in violation of the border agreement. India is also retaliating. Due to the postponement of the Badal session in the Corona situation, the Ladakh issue has not yet been discussed in Parliament. However, it is needless to say that there will be heated debate between the government and the opposition on this issue in the coming days.

The first day of the Badal session started with the Lok Sabha session. The upper house and the lower house of parliament have been used to discuss the two-chamber session. On this day, the MPs of the Lok Sabha are scattered in two rooms following the distance rules. Giant screens have been installed in both the rooms.

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Opposition groups called for a halt to the question-and-answer session and for the Zero Hour to be rescheduled. In this regard, Trinamool MP Derek O’Brien said that the parliament is being turned into a joke. Canceling the Q&A session, cutting off the Zero Hour and passing the bill unilaterally without scrutiny is a manifestation of the dictatorship. Which has not happened in the last 60 years. Home Minister Amit Shah is not present due to physical illness. Though Congress MP Sonia Gandhi was not present in the opening session of the session, it is learned that she will be seen in the second session.

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