10 Tips to Follow to Stay Safe from COVID 19 in Unlock 2 Phase

10 Tips to Follow to Stay Safe from COVID 19 in Unlock 2 Phase
10 Tips to Follow to Stay Safe from COVID 19 in Unlock 2 Phase

New Delhi: With the total active Coronavirus cases 276682 and total deaths 21604 till now as 8.30 AM IST on 11th July 2020, India is now going through the season of Unlock2 phase.

At this moment where no hope to get the vaccine of Covid 19, according to the ICMR & Nutrition specialists guidelines, you can follow the the 10 following tips to stay safe during this time.


10 Tips to Follow to Stay Safe from COVID 19 in Unlock2 Phase

1. Sanitisation: Keep sanitisation when you go to the outside of the home and come home. Use 70% alcohol-based sanitizers to sanitize your hands from time to time. it’s the best practice to kill most of the germs which are present in your hand. When you’re reading this articles now, please sanitize your hands for once now.

2. Use Mask: using Mask is also necessary as doing sanitisation. And it’s must when you’re outside of your home. Use mask to fully cover your mouth, nose; because these are the direct places to enter in your body for viruses and germs.

3. Social Distancing: Our PMO Modi said that “To break the chain cycle of Coronavirus, Social Distancing is the only way”. So, it highly needs to main social distance when you’re outside of your home. Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and others.

4. Avoid Crowds: When you go to the market for shopping of essentials items like food, clothes, medicines, etc then must avoid the crowd and close contact with other people. Try to do shopping only in your local area, avoid the malls and markets. It will be the best practice according to the health specialists as well.

5. Stay at Home: Do not go out of your home until it’s too necessary. Because staying at your home is the best practice to stay away from Coronavirus.

6. Disinfectant Home (Inside/Outside): Disinfectant your home on a regular basis to keep your home germs and virus free. You need to do it both inside and outside of your home to keep your home well protected.

7. Wash Vegetables with Salt Water: When you bring vegetables from the shop to your home keep in mind to wash them with saltwater. Because saltwater almost kills most of the viruses and germs. Not only but also cook the food on an oven before eating.

8. Morning Walk: We know that stay home is the best way to safe right now but since the history of exercise, Morning Walk is the best and effective way to keep your body fresh and grow your internal immunity system. Although we don’t recommend you go out for a morning walk rather than if your house has a large roof. if it’s not possible then go for a morning walk as early as possible in the morning to avoid crowds on road.

But still you need to use sanitizer and face mask when you will go for a morning walk.

9. Maintain A Healthy Diet: Maintain a healthy diet can also help to boost the immunity power and also makes your body active to fight against viruses and germs. So, make sure you eat huge green vegetables and protein items.

10. Follow the Official News: Don’t be panic with fake news. Because at that time people will send you fake news like XYZ person near you affected by corona call police etc fake news over Facebook, messenger and mostly on WhatsApp. But please check the authenticy of the news before any action and always listen to MoHFW.GOV.IN about COVID 19 cases.

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