IPL 2020: Get All the Updates of Amirshahi IPL on Whatsapp!

IPL Updates on WhatsApp

IPL 2020 Latest Updates: IPL is knocking on the door. A few more days in hand, then the million dollar league will start in Amirshahi. In the evening, take a sip of tea or a coffee mug and sit in front of the TV in a relaxed mood. Sanitizer must! And satisfaction is guaranteed at the end of 20-20 overs! Cricket this time with the total package of cricket, this time IPL – Watch from home! Just like spectators are not allowed to enter the field wearing masks, this time IPL will be held in Arab countries.

The BCCI has finally been forced to hold the IPL on foreign soil as the situation in the country is worrying. The BCCI has chosen the United Arab Emirates as a safe venue for the IPL. This year’s IPL matches will be played in three cities of the emirate – Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.


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Last year’s champions Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings will meet in the first match of the 13th edition of the IPL on September 19. Mumbai Indians made a surprise before rolling the ball in the IPL field. Mumbai Indians came up with such a fancy way to strengthen the franchise’s communication with the fans.

From now on 698012345 – Miss call or hi to this number will be added to the Mumbai Indians’ WhatsApp group. Then the fans will get all the updates of the Mumbai Indians team.

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