IPL 2020: Suresh Raina’s Name Removed from CSK’s Official Website

Suresh Raina was removed from CSK's WhatsApp group before the start of the IPL.

IPL 2020 Latest Updates: Chennai Super Kings started their 2020 IPL campaign with a win but lost two matches in a row. Concerns about the middle order are growing in the CSK camp. At the same time, the question of bringing Suresh Raina back began to revolve. Raina is returning to Chennai camp? A few days ago, CSK CEO Kashi Bishwanathan made it clear. This time Suresh Raina’s name was also deleted from the official website of CSK.

Suresh Raina has returned to the country due to family reasons after reaching Amirshahi to play in the IPL. Sometimes it was heard that Raina can join the team back in Dubai! However, before the start of the IPL, Suresh Raina was removed from CSK’s WhatsApp group. This time the name of Suresh Raina has also been removed from the official website of Chennai Super Kings. Besides Raina, CSK management has also removed Harbhajan Singh’s name.

Regarding Raina’s return to the team, CSK CEO Kashi Bishwanathan had earlier said, “I don’t want to look back. I respect the decision to stay with Raina’s family. He has withdrawn from the IPL game. So we have no plans to bring Raina back. But we will come back to the IPL soon.” The boys in our team know what they need to do to make their fans smile. “

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