Zee5 Launched HiPi; A Short Video Sharing Platform Like TikTok

Zee5 HiPi will have over 400 influencers onboard from day one to entice new users. said by a report.

Zee5 Hipi App
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TechDesk360: TikTok Latest News: Zee5 has launched a short video sharing platform like TikTok named “HiPi“. According to the report, HiPi will take place as an Indian alternative to TikTok, such as Bolo Indya, Chingari, Mitron, and ShareChat’s Moj. The new short video sharing platform “HiPi” comes as a part of the Zee5 app and is available for Android users. However, its iOS version is under development and would come at a later stage.

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The new app HiPi allows users to create videos of up to 90 seconds — along with music tracks, filters, and visual effects.

HiPi had been in development for over a year now and was aimed to serve the “next wave of what users are going to consume”, Rajneel Kumar, Business Head of Expansion Projects and Head of Products at Zee5, told Gadgets 360.

Unlike other platforms that have either takedown or blocking of users and provocative content or inappropriate content, what we have invested in is that every single content piece which is there on the platform is moderated before it goes forward,” said by Kumar.

Zee5 has also designed a moderation system based on artificial intelligence (AI) that helps the moderators and make the turnaround time for all the videos the platform receives from its creators faster.

Further, Zee5 HiPi will only allow for the creators of who are already 18 or above on its platform; however, apart from the basic age verification where platforms simply ask a creator to enter their age or date of birth, it is unclear how it plans to enforce this rule.

Kumar also stated that the team behind HiPi also looked over the competition, including TikTok, to understand what should be there for consumers as well as content creators.

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