Game Crashed; After Free Fire Released their OB23 Update on Yesterday

Garena Free Fire
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TechDesk360: India Ka Battle Royale Garena Free Fire has released their OB23 update on yesterday. After that gamers are facing too many problems of game crashes.

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As reported by today in the gaming live streams of India’s Biggest YouTubers stream, they are facing too much of game auto close during the match. Not only that but also the in-game Gloo Wall causing some unnatural effects in the game.

Here are the patchy notes on Free Fire OB23 Update.

What’s New in Free Fire OB23 Update:

  • New Character ‘Luqueta’: Every kill increases the max HP by (8/10/12/14/16/18), up to 35.
  • New Character’ Mr. Wagger’: When a player has less than (1/1/2) Gloo Wall grenades,
  • Mr. Waggor can produce 1 Gloo Wall grenade every (120/100/100) second.
  • New Weapon’ AUG’: It is an assault rifle and will be available in Classic and Clash Squad (Rank & Classic). The gun will have a pre-attached 2x scope and 35 rounds magazine.
  • New item ‘Revive Kit’: Players can restore combat ability by using the revive kit while downed. Players will be revived with 100 HP after using the Horizaline, but they won’t stop bleeding.
  • New Spawn Island’ The Runway’: Third Anniversary based spawn island has been added to the game.
  • New Training Ground: Vehicles and gloo walls are added to the training ground along with other improvements like the separation of shooting range and practice zone etc.
  • Hayato’ Firebrand’ (coming soon): The players can get this awakened character for free in the 3rd Anniversary event on 22nd August 2020.
  • Plan Bermuda (Bermuda Remastered): Free Fire will reveal its Plan Bermuda in the upcoming update. The Bermuda map will be redesigned with the addition of new places.

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Other Additions and Improvements:

  • Rank Season 2 will start on 30th July 2020.
  • Aim assist will now prioritize players who are in combat (Clash Squad only).
  • Crouch & Uncrouch Mechanism.
  • New Driving Mechanism: Maximum speed adjustment for the vehicles.
  • Players will now descend faster when they’re above 38m in altitude.
  • Added a limit on the amount of heath that can be restored per second.
  • Weapon improvements.
  • New management system added.
  • New match summary page for Clash Squad and Gun King.
  • Players can now send a system-generated link to invite friends to join their party.

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