Google Blogger Server Issue; Image Upload Getting Failed Many Times

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TechDesk360: It will be very much bad news for the bloggers who use Google Blogger for their blogs/websites, that images uploading are getting failed many times whenever you will try to upload it in the post editor or page editor.

As seen by our experts then if you simply click on image upload and choose upload from this device and select the image, it will take a huge long approx 1-2 min then it will return “Update Failed: Lost Connection to Server“. This issue is pointed out on today, very first on


Google Blogger Image Upload Server Issue – INDIALIVEDAILY.COM

Still it is not a problem from your side then you don’t have worry about it. Here is a simple trick which can help you with this.

How to Fix Image Upload Issue of Google Blogger:

  1. Open your browser in which you do use Google Blogger
  2. Press Ctrl+SHift+Delete button at one time
  3. Click on the advanced tab and select all time and check all data
  4. Then, finally, Clear All Data of the browser
  5. Again try to reupload images, this time you may not face this issue.

If you’re a smartphone user then still clear your all browser data by going into your android setting> apps>Browser>Clear all data.

According to the tech experts of our team, it can be a temporary issue with the Google Blogger Server and will be fixed as soon as possible by Google. But truly, blogger users will face problems during uploading their images photos to Google Blogger.

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