Google’s New ‘Add Me to Search’ Virtual Visiting Card for Personal Branding

Add me to Search Google
Google's New 'Add Me to Search' Virtual Visting Card for Personal Branding - INDIALIVEDAILY.COM

TechDesk360: Google’s New Add me Search: Google had launched a new type of feature in its a search engine to show public profiles a virtual visiting card “add me to search“. By this, anyone can easily have a virtual visiting card on Google.

It is helpful for your customers to reach your to your business customers.


Let add me to Search in Google Search.

“Add Me to Search” in Google Search

  1. Open Google in your Smartphone
  2. Search for “add me in search
  3. Click on Get Started
  4. Fill all the information properly
  5. Preview the information
  6. Hit Save when you’re done.
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Google’s “Add Me in Search” by Gadgets360

In this way, you can easily add yourself in Google Search and create a professional visiting card for your business. It is helpful to grow your personal brand as well as for your overall business.

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