MLM Alert: Another Company bypassed govt rules loopholes

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NEW DELHI: During this vast increment of the Digital Era, MLM companies are rising with new strategies. Now almost every MLM (Multi-level marketing) company representing itself as an affiliate marketing company. Biz**kul name is one of the trending MLM companies lists.

This company representing themselves as a affiliate company which has three tiers of selling, Platinum, Sapphire and Gold. Basically, any well educated person can identify this as the level of an MLM company.

They also have published many paid articles on some mid-tier news websites from PR Agencies to pretend themselves as not an MLM company. They are also offering courses in the name of training like Digital Marketing, Instagram Mastermind, Facebook messenger marketing and many more. Basically, those who will join this company, who must need to buy these course to get enrolled.

Check it out on public forum on Quora and you can discover many things on such MLM companies.

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