[Fix] Zerodha Account Marked as Inactive/Dormant: Reactivation, Charges, KYC and All Details


Zerodha is one of the largest stock broken in India. Today we will be talking about what to do when you get an email of “Account Marked as Inactive” from Zerodha.

Also find How to activate inactive Zerodha account, Zerodha account reactivation charges, Zerodha inactive account Charges, Zerodha KYC for account reactivation, and more details.

Incident: Zerodha Account Marked as Inactive

As per the Indian exchange regulations, your equity trading account will be marked as dormant if there have been no trades in your account for a period of over one year.

If you have not traded in the last 12 months, exchanges deactivate your account.

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Zerodha reKYC for Account Reactivation

This process of Zerodha reKYC is necessary if your equity trading account is inactive for over 12 months. To make your Zerodha account active again, you are required to renew your KYC by doing reKYC.

How to Activate Inactive Zerodha account?

To activate your inactive Zerodha account you need to verify the KYC details with Zerodha again.

You can reactivate your account by verifying your KYC details as described below.

  1. Login to Zerodha Kite Web.
  2. Verify your existing KYC details with Zerodha. Then simply continue.
  3. Update the FATCA declaration as per your current income and tax details.
  4. Do the video In-Person Verification (IPV).

This will complete the process of renewing your KYC. Zerodha support team will validate the details you have entered and the IPV captured.

It takes 72 working hours for the reactivation of your inactive Zerodha account.

Zerodha Account Reactivation Charges

Zerodha customers are not required to pay additional Zerodha account reactivation charges. That means, you just need to reverify your KYC details and that’s it. There are no fees for account reactivation.

However, you’re required to pay Account Maintenance Charge (AMC) for using your Zerodha Demat account.

AMC for maintaining a Demat account at Zerodha is:

Type of accountAnnual ChargesQuarterly Charges
Individuals, HUFs, and partnership firmsRs.300 + 18% GSTRs.75 + 18% GST
NRIsRs.500 + 18% GSTRs.125 + 18% GST
Corporates, i.e. LLPs and private & public companiesRs.1000 + 18% GSTRs.250 + 18% GST
For IL&FS DEMAT (accounts opened before 15th Sep 2015)Rs.400 + 18% GSTRs.100 + 18% GST

NOTE: AMC is charged per quarter, i.e., every 90 days starting from the account opening date and is deducted from your Zerodha account.


Is Zerodha a good broker?

Yes, Zerodha is India’s largest broker with low fees.

What are the Zerodha account opening charges?

Zerodha charges Rs 200 for the online Trading & Demat account opening.

Are there any Zerodha Account Reactivation Charges?

No, there are no Account Reactivation Charges at Zerodha.

What is IPV verification?

IPV refers to In-Person Verification, and it is a new prerequisite for investors. To do this, your AMC will re-validate the KYC info you submitted online.

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