CoWIN Website Hack: Some are trying to hack government CoWIN Website to Book slots?

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CoWIN Website Latest News, Updates: According to a report found by our news desk team, that some are trying to book slots on the Governments of India’s CoWIN website in a non-ethical way. From a report of The Print, we found, “Hackers’ groups from China and North Korea have been found to be planning to set up fake websites impersonating India’s CoWIN portal meant for people to register for vaccination, according to cyber intelligence firm Cyfirma.

The purpose of these fake CoWIN sites is to “to collect personal information” from unsuspecting Indian users and use that “for further cyberattacks”, Cyfirma said in its report, accessed by ThePrint.

The Reuters report had said SII and Bharat Biotech declined to comment on this, while the Ministry of Information Technology’s Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert-In) said the matter was being looked into by its operations director, S.S. Sarma.

In a recent report published by, “Coders in India are hacking vaccine websites to get appointments“.

They reported, “In Bangalore, a city home to the country’s biggest tech companies, competition for vaccinations was made all the more difficult as coders hacked their way to appointments. Praveen Gopal Krishnan, chief operating officer of the online business publication The Ken, described the vaccine drive as a “hackathon” on Twitter. “If you are 18+ and live in Bangalore, the only way to get vaccine appointments is to use python scripts that ping CoWIN’s public API and set up notification alerts via Telegram, Twitter, or SMS,” he tweeted.

Sharing APIs for government websites has long been the norm in India, a move made in 2015 as a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India campaign, which aims to bring virtually all of the country’s government services online. It allows for anyone to build code on hundreds of publicly-available government datasets. In November last year, Modi declared that Digital India had become “a way of life.” “Using technology at such a large scale has brought about several life changes for our citizens,” he said at a Bangalore tech summit. “The benefits are for everyone to see.” Restofworld also mentioned in their report.

Currently, India is registering more than 3 lakh coronavirus cases daily for more than three weeks. The only solution to recover from the second wave is vaccination.

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