Fact Check: Coronavirus Vaccine Launched in India? The Truth Behind the Viral WhatsApp Message

Corona Vaccine

New Delhi: Coronavirus Vaccine Latest News: When COVID-19 cases are in the wake of the growing number, a lot of fake news and misinformation have surfaced on different social media websites. However, not all that we read on the internet is true and it’s always better to check the facts before believing them.

One such message on WhatsApp is going viral, which claims that a vaccine against coronavirus has been launched in India. The message contains a link and asks readers to download “Vaccine App” to register for vaccination.

However, nothing of this sort has been announced by the government. Refuting such claims on social media, the fact check wing of the Government’s Press Information Bureau said the post is fake and clarified that no coronavirus vaccine has been launched in the country.

Debunking the false claims, PIB wrote, ”A WhatsApp forward is claiming that a ‘Corona Vaccine’ has been launched in India and people have to register for it by downloading a ‘Vaccine App.’ #PIBFactCheck: This Claim is #Fake. No #COVID19 vaccine has been launched in the country yet.

Presently, India is conducting clinical trials of various Covid-19 vaccines. Bharat Biotech, which is developing India’s indigenous coronavirus vaccine, is planning to launch the vaccine in the second quarter of 2021 if it gets the approval from regulatory authorities. So, the above news is fake.

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(with inputs from India.com)


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