4.39 crore Ration Cards Cancelled by the Government of India

Ration card

New Delhi: Ration Card Latest News: The government has cancelled 4.39 crore fake ration cards in 2013 to identify all the beneficiaries, according to NFASA. New ration cards have been issued to the right and eligible beneficiaries or families instead of the cancelled ration cards.

There were a large number bogus and duplicate ration cards before 2013. In last seven years, we have focused to prevent any leakage in the system. We needed identify duplicate cards, remove names of people who have died and eradicate list without the Aadhar card,” said a food ministry official.

Ration cards were cancelled for this purpose – Digitization of ration cards and beneficiaries’ databases, linking them to Aadhaar, catching fake ration cards, the government has cancelled about 4.39 crore ration cards in the country from 2013 to 2020.

The central government has already introduced one country one ration card portability facility across the country The Union Territory is also included in it Through this facility, consumers will be able to take rations in other states as well There is no need to make a new card for this

If your name is removed from the list in any way, you need to go to the nearest CSC center with the photo and Aadhaar card to which you want to add your name. You can also add the name of the new member to your ration card

Ration card portability works a lot like mobile number portability Porting a mobile number does not change your number but you can use this number in any part of the country In the same way, ration card portability does not change the ration card If you go to another state for work, you can also go there and get rations You will not need to get a new card for this That means you will get this facility in your old card


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