Retail Prices Jumped in September, The Highest in the Last Eight Months

Indian Retail Market

New Delhi: IndiaLive Finance: The financial situation of the country is in crisis at the time of Coronavirus. Retail prices rose 6.34 percent in September. Last month it was 7.69 percent. This rate is the highest in the last eight months.

According to the Center, food prices rose by 10.6 per cent last month. It was 9.05 percent in August.

The government has launched Unlock to keep the country’s economy afloat amid the Corona pandemic transition. The country is still in Unlock 5. But even after that, the supply system has not returned to its previous state.

As a result, prices are expected to rise.

Another statistic shows that the production of industrial companies has declined by 6 percent.
Prices of vegetables rose by 20.63 percent in September. It had increased by 11.41 percent in the previous month. Fruit prices were also high in August.

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