UGC Guidelines To Open Colleges and Universities Approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs

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New Delhi: Colleges, Universities Open New Rules: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued guidelines for opening colleges and universities across the country. College-University pulled off from the lockdown episode of Covid. Now the process of opening it is starting. The UGC guidelines state that educational institutions can be opened outside the containment zone in consultation with the state government. It is to be noted that the guidelines of UGC have been approved by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Education.

University Grants Commission proposes to have classes 6 days a week. Let the number of students in the class be less considering the social distance. Teaching time can be extended. It is the decision of the university. UGC thinks that it is possible to accept social distance after 7 days of class. If a department is divided into different classes, the number of students will be less.

The guidelines further said that the area can be reopened only after the central or state government, universities and colleges declare it safe. The authorities will have to take measures like disinfectant, health of the students, identification of the infected, screening etc. on the campus.

Hostel opening has been approved. If necessary, the educational institution can open a hostel in compliance with the hygiene rules. Hostels will not be allowed if you have covid symptoms. UGC is also emphasizing on online classes.

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