Aashram Chapter 3: Will Baba able to save his Aashram?

Aashram Bobby Deol

In the last 2 seasons of Aashram, one of the trending web series on MX Player by Bobby Deol has shown the cruel reality behind the fake Baba’s in the society. In the last episode of Aashram Cpater 2, Pammi was able to escape from the Baba Nirala’s Aashram. But Bhopa Swami had reached Satti to threat Pammi. So that Bhopa Swami can bring back Pammi to the Aashram to keep all secrets inside. But Satti has committed suicide by triggering Bhopa Swami’s gun on his head to give the freedom to escape.

In this way Aashram Chapter 2: The Dark Side end. Now the season 2 had released on 11th November 2020. It more than 2 months of the release date but till yet there is no such news of Aashram Chapter 3. During this period, an FIR lodged on the name of Prakash Jha, for creating conflict in society by caste. In an article by PINKVILLA published on 18th December 2020, it was mentioned that Prakash Jha Productions is now working of producing the Aashram Chapter 3.

What we can expect in this Aashram Chapter 3?

Well, without having any rumours it’s hard to tell but still, we can guess what we are going to see in the next episodes. In this time, Pammi, Dr Natasha, Police inspectors Ujagar Singh and Sadhu will come together and try to match the details from documents which they found in Baba Nirala’s Aashram. In this meantime Baba Mansukh, the guru of Baba Nirala might be helpful to provide more to Ujagar and others. Still, it’s a strange matter why Baba Mansukh should relay on them while all the administration is controlled by Baba Nirala.

On the other hand, by Baba Nirala’s blessings, Hukum Singh is now an elected Prime Minister of the state. So, it will be very hard for inspector Ujagar and others to collect any further information from the police department.

But as Baba Nirala has broken his promise with former Chief Minister Sundar Lal and he also contains baba Nirala’s history file, so he may join Ujagar and others to fight with Baba Nirala.

Baba Nirala and Bhopa Swami both are playing a double trick with them by having the information their all positions. Now Pammi, sister of Satti may be joined with them. So, Dr Natasha, Ujagar and others have to frequently change their location to keep themselves hidden from Baba Nirala.

Still, it’s very interesting to find out how Pammi and others will fight against this whole system.

If we look inside the Aashram, then Babita, wife of Satti is still there with Baba Nirala. She doesn’t know that his husband has died. The journalist Akki is continuously coming to the Aashram for electricity work and tries to collecting information from Sanober and Kavita.

We can expect that Aashram Chapter 3 will be released in March 2021. Till the date, we just have to wait. The story will be more thriller in the next episodes of Aashram Chapter 3.

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