Disorder can be Created in the Presence of Deepika Padukone? NCB office is Surrounded by Security cordon!

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone and Bollywood Latest News and Updates: Deepika Padukone will appear at the office of the Narcotics Control Bureau on Friday after being involved in a drug case. The Bollywood actress may appear at the NCB office in Mumbai on Friday morning. That’s why this time around the office of the Narcotics Control Bureau has been instructed to surround the security cordon. The appearance of the first row actress of Bollywood in the NCB office may cause the crowd to grow and create chaos. Due to that fear, the Mumbai Police has started preparations for additional security measures.

After the unlock started, Deepika recently went to Goa to shoot. After that, Deepika’s drug chat with manager Karisma Prakash started coming out and the noise started. The summons was sent to Deepika Padukone on Wednesday afternoon. After receiving the summons, Deepika Padukone had a long meeting with the lawyers at the Goa Hotel. Deepika also discussed with a 3-year-old lawyer as well as a 12-member legal team. Ranbir Singh also attended the meeting that Deepika had at the Goa Hotel via video conference.

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According to sources, Padukone and members of Singh’s family stood by Deepika after the NCB summons. Every effort is being made on behalf of the family so that Deepika does not break up. Along with Ranbir Singh, Deepika’s family members are also by her side during this difficult time. Also available news.

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