Salman Will Appear Again in Big Boss 14, See the list of Startling Contestants for Upcoming Bigg Boss

Salman Khan Bigg Boss

BIG BOSS New Session Latest Updates: And Bigg Boss 14 is starting in a few days. Like every time, the excitement among the audience about Bigg Boss has started to rise. This time the set of Bigg Boss is being made in the Film City of Mumbai Goregaon. It is learned that Salman will be shooting every week after appearing on the set from home. There has been a lot of speculation about who will be seen in the house of this year’s Bigg Boss 14. This time a list has come out, where there are some hints about who is appearing in the house of the big boss. View Contestants‚Ķ

It is learned that singer Rahul Vaidya, tele actress Jasmin Bhasin, Gia Manek, Ejaz Khan are appearing in the boss’s house. Only time will tell what surprises are waiting for the audience in the boss’s room this time.

Meanwhile, Bollywood Bhaijaan will get Rs 450 crore for the entire season of Bigg Boss 14. Recently known information. Salman’s PR team, however, did not comment on the Bigg Boss’ remuneration.

After the announcement of Bigg Boss 14, it is heard that Salman Khan can get a salary of Rs 15.5 crore for this season. It was later learned that Salman Khan has increased his salary for this season. Accordingly, it is learned that Salman Khan will be paid Rs 20 crore for each episode for this season. However, another source said that Salman is getting a total salary of Rs 480 crore for the current season.

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