Aadhaar is Not Mandatory in Birth and Death Registration Certificate said the Registrar General of India

Aadhaar Card

New Delhi: It is not mandatory to show Aadhaar card for birth and death registration. This was stated by the Registrar General of India (RGI) in response to an RTI request. However, if one voluntarily shows the Aadhaar card, there is no obligation to include it in any birth or death document or database. That is what has been said in the RGI circular.

M.V.S Anil Kumar, a lawyer from Visakhapatnam, recently filed an RTI application in the matter. He wants to know whether Aadhaar card is mandatory for birth and death registration. In its reply, RGI said that there is no mandatory issue regarding Aadhaar card in birth and death registration.

Incidentally, birth and death registration is governed by the Registration of Births and Deaths (RBD) Act, 1989. In 2016, RGI said that Aadhaar card number may be required for this purpose. But that rule could not be enforced.

In 2016, the situation changed completely with the judgment of the Supreme Court. In a circular in 2019, RGI stated that Aadhaar card is not required for birth and death registration. This circular was sent to all the states of the country. Even if the Aadhaar card is taken to know the identity for any reason, the first eight digits of the card can be copied only if it is covered in black ink. There is no rule to take the whole number of the Aadhaar card in any database. That was what was said in the circular. The issue of this circular has come up in response to the RTI request on behalf of the Registrar General of India (RGI).

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