The Prime Minister’s Speech at the United Nations Today, can Strongly Question Against Terrorism

The virtual speech will be broadcast at 8.30 pm Indian time.

pm modi speech in united nations

New Delhi: PMO India Latest News and Updates: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the UN General Assembly today.

Virtual that speech will be broadcast at 6:30 pm Indian time. Most of the UN programs are virtual, keeping in mind the Corona infection. The pre-recorded speech of the Prime Minister will also be broadcast in the evening.


What can be in the speech of the Prime Minister?

PM Modi to the Nation on Today at 4 PM
PM Modi to the Nation on Today at 4 PM

The Prime Minister can emphasize the suppression of extremism in the whole world. In this case, Modi can emphasize on increasing international cooperation. In addition, the Prime Minister may insist on making the list of international extremist organizations or militants more transparent.

India has the largest number of UN peacekeepers. India may demand more power in the deployment of peacekeepers.

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