The Whole Home Delivery System of LPG Cylinders is Going to be Replaced from November 1 …


The process of LPG Cylinder Home Delivery is about to change. From November 1, oil companies will introduce a new gas cylinder delivery system to curb the black market of domestic cylinders and identify all customers. Find out what the new system will look like ….

The new system is named DAC, meaning Delivery Authentication Code This time the cylinder will not be delivered just by booking Instead, a code will be sent to the registered mobile number from now on The delivery process will not be completed until you give the code to the delivery boy.

If a customer’s mobile number is not registered with the distributor, you can register your number in real-time from the app available with Delivery Boy. Then the code will be generated.

On the other hand, those customers whose home address and phone number are given incorrectly will be in trouble again Due to this their cylinder delivery will be stopped.

Oil companies are going to launch this process in 100 smart cities first. Then it will be gradually introduced in other cities. Its pilot project is already underway in Jaipur. The success rate of this project is about 95 percent. This process is not being applied to commercial cylinders. This rule will be applicable only for domestic cylinders.

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