How to Remove Subscribed Game from Airtel Digital TV?


Tech24 Desk: The DTH service makes the television effortlessly good. Today we will talk about How to Remove Subscribed Game from Airtel Digital TV online? It’s a very common question to the Airtel DTH users.

But they don’t know it actually about how to remove subscribed game from Airtel digital TV? Then let us help you in this matter.

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How to Remove Subscribed Game from Airtel Digital TV (Online)?

Here is a step by step process which will help you in how to Remove Subscribed Game from Airtel Digital TV online.

  1. Kindly note down your Airtel DTH Subscriber Number first. Because it will be necessary in next steps.
  2. Contact the Airtel DTH Support over phone call.(Number are below)
  3. Tell then that which game you do want to unsubscribe and why.
  4. Confirm them about this.
  5. And all done, you have successfully unsubscribed the game from Airtel Digital TV.

Airtel Digital TV Customer Care HelpLine Numbers

As per the official statement by Airtel, you can contact Airtel Digital TV customer care 24×7 in 12 languages. You can also email at [email protected] for more support queries.

Airtel DTH Customer Care Numbers List

StateCustomer Care Number
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh0755 4448080
Uttar Pradesh0522 4448080
Karnataka080 44448080
Andhra Pradesh040 44448080
Mumbai022 44448080
Maharashtra020 44448080
Himachal Pradesh08628048080
Jammu & Kashmir09596748080
Bihar & Jharkhand09955148080
WB033 44448080
Delhi011 44448080
Tamil Nadu044 44448080
Kerala0484 4448080
Noth East08132948080
Haryana0124 4448080
Gujarat079 44448080
Rajasthan0141 4448080
Punjab0172 4448080

**Operators call charges may apply.

Additional Airtel DTH Problems & Fixes

How to Solve Airtel DTH Error Code: B001?

1. Check Weather condition (Problem would be temporary if there is a windstorm, rain or thunderstorm). 2. Please check and remove any obstruction around the dish. 3. Check all cable connections. 4. Restart the Set Top Box by switching power Off and then On. 5. If unable to view Channel 099 (Default Channel) & 121 (Recharge Info), please call the call center.

How to Solve Airtel DTH Error Code: 2?

Gently pull out the viewing card, wipe it with a dry cloth and reinsert with the gold chip facing down and arrow towards the box. If issue still persists, please call the call center.

How to Solve Airtel DTH Error Code: 4?

Add a top-up or upgrade your package. To add a top-up, simply SMS Add
<Top-up Name> to 54325 from your registered mobile. To upgrade your package please call customer care.

How to Solve Airtel DTH Error Code: 6?

Please recharge your Account immediately to resume services & keep the Set Top Box ON for at least 20 minutes after recharge.

Comment below if you have any additional queries or need any extra help regarding your Airtel DTh services.

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