7 Days Old Messages Will be Deleted Automatically, WhatsApp Added New “Disappearing Messages” Feature


IndiaLive Tech: A new feature has been added to WhatsApp. If this feature option is turned on, the sent message will be deleted automatically after seven days. This feature can also be used in groups. The feature is called Disappearing Messages.

If the feature is turned on, the photos or documents that come to WhatsApp will automatically go to the photo gallery. Messages sent are deleted after seven days, but if cloud storage is activated, it will remain there. On the other hand, if a picture is sent, it will be deleted after seven days, but it will remain in the photo gallery. However, the auto download option must be on. Messages sent before this feature is turned on will not be affected.

This feature has been added to WhatsApp Web, Android and iOS versions. Users can turn the feature on and off in private. However, in case of group, the admin can do it. On the other hand, users cannot extend the time limit for deleting messages within seven days.

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