No Need to Pay any Fee, Paytm Merchants are Getting the benefit of Unlimited Wallet Payment!


New Delhi: Zero percent fee. This time Paytm merchants are going to get the benefit of unlimited payment via Paytm Wallet, UPI or any Rupay card. The digital payment company Paytm announced this in a recent announcement.

According to Paytm, the move could benefit more than 18 million merchants on the respective digital payment platforms. Because from this time they will be able to transfer money to banks without any hesitation. And no money can be spent on this work. It has one more advantage.

Paytm reports that with this move, Paytm merchants will no longer have to keep multiple QR codes at the counter for buyers. In a recent press release, Paytm said that all business accounts will now be able to select the ‘all-in-one QR’ option to receive payments from Paytm wallet, Paytm UPI and other UPI apps.

Kumar Aditya, senior vice president, Paytm, said the decision was made in the interest of Paytm’s merchant partners across the country. In this case, there is no reason to worry about any additional charges. The money will be deposited directly into the bank account along with the unlimited wallet payment. Merchants can save more money in each transaction. Because no money can be deducted. There will be no limit on money transactions. This will encourage other merchants to use Paytm

According to e-commerce experts, Paytm’s decision is very important at a time when digital payments are increasing day by day.

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