Paytm Will Now Deduct Charges for Adding Money using Credit Card into Paytm Wallet


IndiaLive Tech: Paytm will deduct money if you add money in to the Paytm wallet? Yes! No matter what you pay in your Paytm Wallet, the company will deduct 2% of it! First of all, not without revealing two things in this regard. The first is that this deduction applies only to credit cards. That’s straight! If you add money in Paytm Wallet with your credit card, then 2% of the corresponding amount will be deducted from this time. The second thing is, this poison is not yet clearly reported to users Paytm!

If so, how is the matter known?

This information has recently been leaked through an organization called The Mobile Indian. In an interview with the company, Paytm informed them of the decision. The company claims that Paytm has to pay big bucks to banks for the financial transactions that take place through credit cards. As a result, they are at a loss! Therefore, the company is thinking of imposing this new method to maintain the financial balance.

There was a case of deducting this money before. However, at that time it was limited to Rs 10,000 or more. From now on, there is no fixed amount. However, Paytm claims that if you pay by debit card or UPI, no charge will be deducted. That is why the company is going to take this step this time. In the case of this credit card, the company’s decision has created a strange situation for users.

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On the one hand, just as Paytm is talking about deducting 2% from credit card recharges, on the other hand, they are also offering cashback with credit cards. That offer says that even if you pay a minimum of Rs 50 through credit card, you can get cashback up to Rs 200! Now let’s see, what is the official announcement of the company in this regard!

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