Big news! Yahoo Groups is Closing from 15th December, Transfer Data Quickly to Another Account


Yahoo Groups: Yahoo Groups will be closed from December 15. Yahoo, the American web service provider, has finally decided to shut down the much-hyped Yahoo Group after a record drop in the list of old users with new users over the past few years. Verizon, itself, announced the decision on Tuesday. Yahoo once had the largest message board system on the web, which is now set to end its journey later this year.

The company has issued a message – Yahoo Group has seen a steady decline in the number of users over the years. We’ve also seen that users now want premium and reliable content. While making such decisions is never easy, we sometimes have to make tough decisions about products that are suitable for our long-term strategy. Now we will focus on other areas of business.

It has also been announced in a recent blog post on behalf of Yahu. There, Yahoo wrote, “The number of Yahoo Group users has been steadily declining over the past several years. At the same time, we have failed to maintain the credibility of the people. In this case, we are deciding to shut down this 19-year-old platform.

It is learned that from December 15, anyone will be able to use this service of Yahoo. From now on, users will no longer be able to create new groups on the Yahoo platform. You can also exchange emails through it. Even the website will not work in any way. But Yahoo Mail will work as before.

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The Yahoo Group was first launched on January 30, 2001. But currently Reddit, Google Group and Facebook Group could not stand firm. The last Yahoo group used Google Hangouts to discuss any topic online. In 2016, US wireless communications service provider Verizon bought Yahoo’s Internet business for ৮ 4.6 billion.

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