How to Fix BGMI Voice Chat and Mic Not Working 2022 (Battlegrounds Mobile India)?


Krafton has released the beta tesing version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. This beta edition is released in India with special Indian freebies and a new user interface. Despite the fact that the game is generally stable and runs smoothly, users have reported a number of issues with the sport, which are dependent on the network, mobile device, and the game itself.

According to some players BGMI Voice Chat does not work over headphones or even on open speakers. This is a very frustrating issue because you can’t pay attention to the enemy’s foot movement and the game’s immersion suffers as a result.

There could be a variety of reasons for this problem such as network issue, in-game bugs and device issue.

Fix BGMI Mic and Speaker Not Working

#1 Restart your device

This is the most effective option is most cases. Many smartphone, in-game errors get fixed when you restart your device for once. It is advisable to restart the phone before starting the game, as this will clear any background processes that may have caused the error.

#2 Fix Network

Network helps you to play any online game flawlessly. Check that you’re having a strong network to play BGMI aka Battlegrounds Mobile India before launching the game.

If your network is fine still having mic issue in BGMI then just restart the phone once.

#3 Use Better Headphone

It might be the fault of your headphones for having mic and voice issue for playing BGMI. Use wired headphones because Wireless headphones use Bluetooth, which can cause a variety of issues, including voice lag. To see if the problem has been resolved, use a wired earphone.

Suppose you are not able to listen or talk with your friends on BGMI mobile. Then above are the best solutions to fix Voice Chat – Mic and Speaker error for Android and iOS Mobile.

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