Gmail will No Longer Show Red Envelope! Google is Changing its Logo by Mixing Colors

Google Workspace Rebrand

IndiaLive Tech: Google is always ready to give a few goals to the competitors with their products. Google has designed a new Gmail logo. That means the iconic envelope-shaped logo (Gmail envelope logo) is no more. The new Gmail logo is the same size as before. However, it has the company’s core brand colours, ie a combination of blue, red, yellow and green. What changed the logo of Gmail is that it is now very much compatible with the logos of Google Maps, Google Photos, Chrome and other Google products.

A few days ago, Google found out from a user research that many people did not like Gmail’s red envelope-shaped logo. And then this search engine giant decided to create a new logo. Users have no pressure on the size of the logo, that is, the M shape! However, the old logo was very easy to see in the eyes of many. And then Google decided that even if the size of the Gmail logo was the same, it would be rearranged in a new color palette.

There is a lot of colourful touch in this new logo. However, it has been painted yellow, blue and green in a very small M shape. And now if a user puts the logo of Gmail alongside the logos of other Google products, it may be a little difficult to understand at first. Gmail can be confusing, and Google Maps, Google Photos or Chrome!

However, the search engine giant has once again been criticized for this new logo. Many ask straightforward questions, ‘What’s the use of this new logo?’ Many say again, ‘Users who objected to the red logo have come up with such a logo that they now have difficulty understanding which is Gmail and which is Google Maps or Google Photos or Chrome!’

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Google’s new logo is part of Google’s G Suite software, now rebranded as Google Workspace. Google is currently trying to merge Gmail, Chat and Docs into one central location. And especially to Microsoft Office and Outlook Email.

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