Happy Mother’s Day 2021: Google Celebrating Mother’s Day 2021 with Google Doodle

Mother's Day 2021 Google Doodle

Happy Mother’s Day 2021: As the name gives us the idea, Mother’s Day is celebrated every year to honour the role of a mother plays in a child’s life. Mother’s day is Celebrated on the second Sunday of May, it is believed the modern Mother’s Day celebration first began in the US, when a woman by the name of Anna Jarvis wanted the day to be commemorated because her own mother had expressed such a desire. To make this day special, people usually give gifts, flower bouquets to their mothers and/or take their mothers out for a lovely meal.

On this Mother’s Day Google is showing a beautiful doodle on its search page. it is to celebrate the Mother’s Day 2021. Today’s stop-motion artwork by Doodler Olivia.

Google mentioned that “Today’s Doodle is popping up to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day! Check out some early sketches and a behind-the-scenes look at today’s stop-motion artwork by Doodler Olivia When.

Google also celebrates and gives honour by showing various doodles from time to time.

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