How to Fix SmartGaGa Blue Screen Error Fix for AndroidKernalx64ev.sys Error?


Tech24 Desk: This post is about How to Fix SmartGaGa Blue Screen Error Fix for AndroidKernalx64ev.sys Error? | SmartGaGa, the lightest pc android emulator for playing android games on pc and computers becomes unstable after the Google Play Service Update on June 23, 2020. This is resulting in a blue screen error (BSOD) when players are going to play any games on this emulator.

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It has been found by our tech experts that the SmartGaGa Blue Screen Error or Problem is happening unlikely for the Google Play Service update but also for there is no update from the developer team of SmartGaGa from more than last 1 year.

But finally the SmartGaGa Emulator Blue Screen Error is Fixed for AndroidKernalx64ev.sys crash by a Free Fire player on Youtube. Actually, what happened, SmartGaGa, the best lightweight android emulator for pc/laptops, becomes unstable after the update latest update of Google Play Services on 23rd June 2020. The result, Free Fire, PubG and etc pc players are become unhappy and hated this emulator.

But now the question is how to Fix SmartGaGa Blue Screen Problem.

How to Fix SmartGaGa Emulator Blue Screen Error for AndroidKernalx64ev.sys Crashed?

Here is a step by step solution about how to fix SmartGaGa blue screen error.

  1. Uninstall SmartGaGa Android Emulator for PC
  2. Open Run Box, type %appdata%
  3. Delete the “SmartGaGa” Folder in from appdata folder
  4. Restart PC/Laptop
  5. Install SmartGaGa, any version which you have
  6. Open SmartGaGa
  7. Open SmartGaGa settings>apps>all apps>GooglePlay Service
  8. Disable it
  9. Disable Google Play Store, Google Play Games as well
  10. Download ES File Manager from the internet
  11. Drag & Drop to SmartGaGa, wait for 2-5 min until it’s installed
  12. Drag & Drop Free Fire APK or PubG Mobile (same as ES)
  13. Paste the OBB file at C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartGaGa\ProjectTitan\Engine\sharefs
  14. Open ES File Manager > Root >Sharefs
  15. Copy & Paste in under Android Folder
  16. Open Game & Login with Facebook or VK, if your Free Fire account is linked with that. Or enable all disabled Google services and login as fast as possible to avoid the blue screen again. Same method you can use for playing PubG in SmartGaGa.
  17. Enjoy your game.

Watch this video if your have any doubts on how to fix SmartGaGa Blue Screen Problem.

Let us know that is it worked or not in the comment box below.

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