How to remove Other PAN Card linked with your Paytm credit score?


Paytm is a leading digital wallet mobile application. Paytm currently has over 350 million active users, constituted the highest user base in digital payments in India for the year 2018. This was followed by PhonePe, which had a user base of 118 million.

You can use your Paytm wallet to pay for recharges for mobile phones, metro cards, DTH cable, data cards, etc, as well as postpaid payments for mobile phones, landline/ broadband, electricity, water and gas bills, etc. You can also book tickets for buses, trains, flights, movies, hotel rooms, etc.

Apart from all these Paytm also offers to check your CIBIL Credit Score on the Paytm app. All you need is just PAN Card Number and an active email id.

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What is meant by Other PAN Card linked with your Paytm credit score?

When someone checks his/her CIBIL Credit Score via your Paytm wallet, at that moment your Paytm CIBIL section get linked with that PAN card number. May be your family members have used your Paytm account for checking his/her Credit Score for free. Otherwise, the number was previously linked with someone’s PAN Card.

How to Remove Other PAN Card linked with your Paytm credit score?

Well, Paytm users can not remove the linked PAN card in the Paytm Credit Score section. Simply that means individual users can’t delink the PAN Number with the Paytm Wallet Credit Score section.

But there is a way to remove that.

  1. At first Open the Paytm app and choose 24X7Help & Support option by clicking on navigation menu.
  2. Scroll download the Help section and look for “Credit Score & Loan Offers” tab.
  3. From the support queries, select Issue in Getting Credit Score.
  4. Scroll to bottom and choose Raise an Enquiry.
  5. Submit all the necessary details and submit it.

The support agent will reply within 24 hours with a possible resolution. In this way, you can easily remove Other PAN Card linked with your Paytm credit score.


Is Paytm safe?

Paytm is a safe and secure digital payments platform.

What are the charges to check CIBIL Credit Score on Paytm?

You can check your CIBIL CREDIT Score for Free on Paytm.

Can I pay my bills on Paytm?

Yes, Paytm is already covering most of the bill payments sections.

Paytm is showing Wrong/Old credit reports?

Please contact Paytm Customer Support for help.

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