Funtouch OS has been Removed and Vivo’s New Origin OS is Coming on November 19th, Get Ready for a New Vivo UI Experience!

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New Delhi: Vivos New Origin OS latest Updates: Vivo is coming up with a new custom user interface (UI). Vivo-lovers will be introduced to this Origin OS at the upcoming Vivo developer conference. Vivo reported this today on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo. According to the company, the developers have been working on this mobile UI for almost a year. It is expected that the Origin OS will be launched for the first time through the Vivo X50 series. In this case, Origin OS is going to take the place of the current custom UI Funtouch OS.

This new OS is named after the developer team Origin Studio. However, it is not yet known what features will come with this Origin OS. Hopefully, users will get a better Android experience than before. Already a speculation has started about this new Vivo UI. Many say the new Vivo UI will have a toggle switch. Which will create a communication link between the modified version and the previous cleaner Android UX. This allows users to switch between the two versions themselves.

Incidentally, the Vivo X60 smartphone is expected to hit the market. As the market looks at Vivo’s new phones, the Origin OS was announced by the manufacturer. Vivo’s new Android-based user interface will create competition in the market, say tech experts. In this case, this Origin OS can compete with Xiaomi or Samsung. Note that Xiaomi currently runs its custom MIUI on smartphones. Samsung, on the other hand, runs the One UI.

However, Vivo’s software performance has been criticized by some in the tech community. In a recent report by research firm Counterpoint, Vivo was given a very poor rating in terms of software updates. According to the report, only 24 percent of Vivo phones sold between the third quarter of 2019 and the second quarter of 2020 have been updated. In this case, the phones have been updated to Android 10 version with Funtouch OS.

According to sources, Vivo may announce new IoT, multiple features including games and new apps at the 2020 Vivo developer conference. Vivo-lovers are currently looking at him.

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