Reliance “JioG” Game; How to Download and Play JioG Game like PUBG?


TechDesk360: PUBG Game Ban Latest Updates and Reliance JioG Game Latest News and Updates: As we all know that yesterday the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India has banned more than 118 Chinese apps including one of the famous video game called PUBG and PUBG Mobile Lite. This action has been taken for the safety of the country. And the whole of Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance “JioG” has started from then. Some people are saying “jio game announcement” and JioG Game Launch date and so on.

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At this moment there is a very viral topic trending on social media which is all about Reliance Jio’s Upcoming Game “JioG” or “JioPUBG”. Some people are telling this as “JubG”. But is this really true? let see about this JioG’s story from the start.

Reliance Jio’s New Video Game “JioG”; An Alternative to PUBG

The whole curiosity has started since there is a tweet by the name of ANI News was posted on twitter.

In this fake tweet of JioG or JUBG by the name of ANI News, it is mentioned that “Mukesh Ambani announces a new Multiplayer game called JioG after announcement of Ban on #PUBG by Indian Government (File Pic)“.

But it’s totally fake.

Even the logo and name of ANI News on this tweet is also now changed by the twitter handle owner.

Twitterati Who Believed Fake News of JioG:

Within last 24 hours this tweet got more than 2000+ like and 1000+ retweets.

Jio Game Announcement: JioG Game Announcement

Jio Game or JioG game is just a fake news which is first tweeted by @Man_isssh on yesterday after PUBG Ban. There is no such Jio Game Announcement or JioG Game Announcement by the Reliance company or from Mukesh Ambani.

This is a completely fake news on JioG game release.

Jio game Launch Date: JioG Game Launch Date : JioG Game Release Date

Reliance Jio Game “JIOG” “JUBG” “RUBG” Latest News and Updates After PUBG Ban – INDIALIVEDAILY.COM

Again we will repeat the same here. The Reliance Jio hasn’t announced anything about releasing any new battle royale game in india likely named as JioG or JUBG or any similar kind of this. This is a totally fake viral trending news on social media. Kindly ignore it.

How to Download And Play JioG Game?

As there is no official announcement from Reliance Jio about launching any kind of Battle Royale games in India like JioG, JubG, RubG (Reliance G), or anything else.

If there is something any news, then we will surely update you. For latest updates like us on Facebook @IndiaLiveDaily

About PUBG vs JioG

Tencent’s PUBG Mobile ranks among the world’s top five smartphone games with over 734 million downloads. There are close to 50 million active PUBG players in India, according to reports and the game clocks in some 13 million daily users.

Where there nothing exist now called JioG or JubG.

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