[Updated] How to Remove Ads from YouTube Videos for Free?


TechDesk360: [Updated] How to Remove Ads from YouTube Videos for Free? | In recent days, YouTube is the most popular and demanded platform video sharing and consuming. It’s Google’s own platform for video sharing and ads marketing for their advertises so that they can monetize these platforms.

There many ways which everyone knows about removing the ads from YouTube videos. But today we will be going to share a simple trick by which you can easily remove ads from all YouTube videos for 100% Free.

Trick to Remove Ads from YouTube Videos for Free

Now it’s the time to share the trick which will help you to remove ads from YouTube videos.

How to Remove Ads from YouTube Videos for Free?

  1. Open youtube.com in any web browser. Better to use a pc/laptop or even you can use your smartphone browser as well.
  2. Click on the video you want to watch.
  3. Put a “(.)dot” or “full stop” after the in the URL. It will look like – http://www.youtube.com./watch?v=videoID123456
  4. Now the ads will be automatically disappeared.

So, with this simple trick you can easily remove all ads from a YouTube video. Actually it’s a loopback URL, that’s why ads are removed.

You can better to use a pc/laptop to doing this for a better view experience or you can use the android browser. But remember you can remove all ads from the YouTube mobile app. Because you can’t apply this trick in the mobile app.

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