Vulgar Content! TikTok Banned in Pakistan


Pakistan World News: After India and America, Pakistan also banned Chinese app TikTok. Imran Khan’s government took this step citing vulgar content. Pakistan’s telecommunications authorities have taken action against a popular Chinese video app. They said the app company had failed to comply with government directives to introduce effective mechanisms to correct illegal online content. Pakistani TV channel Geo News reported.

This year, India, America and Australia have been in trouble. India and the United States have decided to ban the app for fear of violating national security and confidentiality of information. Moreover, the issue of the Ladakh border dispute is one of the reasons for the imposition of sanctions by India.

Of course, Pakistan’s argument is different. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority believes that the content contained in the short video app will be immoral, indecent, obscene and spread false values ​​among Pakistani youth.

In July this year, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority issued a final warning to revise the content of TikTok. But it was alleged that it was not observed. The authority has received multiple complaints in this regard. They said that they have been instructed to block the ticket after receiving allegations from various sections of the society that it contains immoral and obscene content.

It was further said that the type of content circulating on the regular ticket and the complaints about it were also given some time to send a final notice to the TikTok. It was said that the authorities should introduce proper mechanisms to correct illegal online content. But they have failed to fully comply with that instruction. Therefore, an order has been issued to stop the TikTok application in the country. According to a source, the authority has not banned TikTok yet, but has given some more time to act on the warning.

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