Arijit Singh’s first song ‘Rihaa’ released | Karle Tu Rihaa Full Song by Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh

Good news for Arijit Singh’s fans. The first song written and composed by Arijit Singh was released. The name ‘Rihaa’. The story and concept of that song belongs to Arijit’s wife Koel Singh. Koel is even the director of this music video.

‘Rihaa’ means release. The video of the song written by Arijit himself and the composers is animated. Where a child can be seen flying like a butterfly or a kite with a fan through the window of the house. In the lockdown, small children were trapped in their homes and suffocated. They are still not able to move around as easily as before. Very naturally, they do not like this captive life. How long does it feel good to keep an eye on the computer continuously? The mind that wants to run. Even if they are imprisoned at home, their minds run with imagination, there is no obstacle in that! With that in mind, Arijit wrote the song, which he also composed himself. The name ‘Rihaa’.

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Earlier, Arijit Singh’s songs in many Hindi and Bengali films have won the hearts of the listeners. However, this time his fans got singer Arijit as well as lyricist and composer Arijit.

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(This news was published first on on 5th October 2020 at 8.00 AM IST)


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