Neha Kakkar-Rohan Preet is Getting Married! Neha’s ex-friend Himanshu Said Something

Neha Kakkar

Bollywood Latest News: Is Neha Kakkar getting married! Himanshu Kohli, a one-time friend of Neha Kakkar, opened her mouth about her ex-girlfriend’s marriage. He said that if Neha is really married, then she is happy. Himanshu Kohli said that he is happy to know that Neha has found someone in her life. But no matter what the ex-boyfriend says, there are various rumors about Neha Kakkar’s marriage.

Recently, there were rumors about Neha Kakkar’s marriage to Rohanpreet Singh. It is heard that Neha will tie the knot with Rohanpreet in October. Neha-Rohan’s wedding ceremony will be held in a very simple atmosphere. Their wedding party will be held in Delhi. News that can be heard. However, Neha Kakkar or Rohanpreet did not open their mouths on the issue.

While Neha Kakkar or Rohanpreet are silent on the issue, rumors of their marriage have started trending on the internet. According to sources, Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh have started promoting their song Diamond Ka Chhalla. That is why rumors of their marriage have spread. Incidentally, rumors of Neha Kakkar’s marriage to Aditya Narayan spread during the promotion of Beach May in Gowawal. In the end, Neha Kakkar did not tie the knot with Aditya. Only time will tell whether rumors of Neha’s marriage to Rohanpreet Singh have spread.

Neha Kakkar’s marriage with Aditya Narayan was rumoured on the stage of a reality show. In the end, Neha and Aditya both said that they are nothing but good friends.

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