Paytm Payment Bank Announced Automatic Cashless Payments at 211 Toll Plazas Across the Country


New Delhi: Paytm Payment Bank Limited has made a big announcement this time. PPBL informed that from this time automatic cashless payment system is being introduced in 211 toll plazas of the country.

According to Paytm Payment Bank Limited, there is no need to create a separate pre-paid account for Paytm FASTag. In this case toll payment money will be auto-debited from Paytm Wallet. You don’t even need a lot of documentation to buy it. Only if you have registration number and certificate. After that it will reach the address of the buyer for free. The bank is setting up 20,000 camps at toll plazas to facilitate cashless payments, explain the whole thing and help car owners buy FASTag. The camps are being set up at toll plazas, parking lots and fuel stations. In addition, the camps will be set up in a few more places in the country by surveying the movements of car owners.

Incidentally, the move earned PPBL the status of the largest acquiring bank under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program. This bank is still the largest issuer of FASTag in the country. So far, FASTag has been issued to over 5 million vehicles. Paytm Payment Bank Limited is planning to acquire 100 more toll plazas in addition to a 100 percent increase in FASTag sales in the next three months.

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In this regard, Satish Kumar Gupta, CEO and Managing Director of Paytm Payment Bank Limited, said that the bank authorities are committed to make digital payments more accessible across the country and to make this service accessible to all. Paytm Payment Bank Limited aims to deliver its desired success to the Digital India Mission. Trying to get more people to opt for cashless payments. This will make everyone’s journey more comfortable and time consuming. The news has already started to respond to this step of the bank!

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